About us

Jeremy Ross​SNICT was established by Jeremy & Adele Ross.  Jeremy & Adele are married with 3 children, all with complex additional needs.

Jeremy & Adele personally have experience in dealing with their children’s High Functioning Autism, ADHD, Severe Generalised Anxiety, OCD, Dyslexia & Sensory issues.  Their experience started in 2008 when their eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and they decided the best way to help him was to learn as much as possible about the condition.

With dwindling local support in place for parents, Jeremy & Adele then founded a Charity to support parents of children with these types of complex needs.  Their charity JADDS has supported over 150 families and continues to do so by support group meetings, tailored behavioural management strategies & training.

Jeremy & Adele have also been instrumental in running training sessions for over 200 teachers from local schools on several occasions increasing their overall knowledge & awareness of specific special needs.

Jeremy & Adele are both avid networkers and have a rich background in business, they currently also run their own IT business.  Jeremy has often been asked to use his IT knowledge and experience of special needs to advise on assistive technology.

Adele RossAdele has also been a member of a consultative stakeholder planning group in Bury dealing with special needs provision in the local authority.

Over the years Jeremy & Adele have compiled their knowledge from a vast range of courses, lectures and conferences and put many different strategies into practice both for their own children & advising many other parents, schools & businesses.